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Pigeon Control Advisory Service
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About PiCAS

The Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS) was formed to deal with an ever-increasing demand for advice on humane, non-lethal and sustainable bird control systems as a result of the fact that conventional bird control services, such as culling, are completely ineffective.††The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), considered to be the leading authority on birds and bird management systems worldwide, refers many of its bird control enquiries to PiCAS UK and the PiCAS Group is recommended by numerous national and international agencies worldwide.

The reputation of the PiCAS has been built on its pioneering work where the humane and sustainable management of bird populations is concerned.

PiCAS offers an independent consultancy service to a wide range of clients worldwide providing expert advice on the control of all bird species. Although PiCAS specialises in the control of the pigeon it will offer advice on the control of any species of bird including waterfowl.

Due to its independent status all services provided by PiCAS are completely free from commercial bias.† PiCAS has no commercial links or ties to pest control products or pest control service providers thereby ensuring that the client is provided with independent expert advice based on over 30 years of experience in the bird control sector.

All PiCAS consultants are acknowledged bird control experts with extensive knowledge of birds, bird habitats and bird control.

PiCAS will provide each client with a comprehensive and bespoke control system tailored to meet their specific requirements taking into consideration sustainability, budgetary constraints and the needs of the building or site concerned.

Each control system will be designed to effect a permanent reduction in bird numbers using a non-lethal and holistic approach. PiCASís goal is to empower the client to source, install, maintain and manage the chosen system in-house thereby negating the need to instruct specialist contractors.

A vast majority of effective bird control systems are inexpensive and straightforward to provide and can be installed and maintained with ease by the property owner acting on expert advice from PiCAS. PiCAS will also work closely with the clientís chosen contractor in respect of both installation and/or maintenance in order to ensure that the recommended system comes in on budget and is installed to a high standard.

PiCAS will provide advice and consultancy services to any property owner, irrespective of the size of the property concerned or the extent and severity of the problem being experienced. PiCAS offers a number of unique services designed to provide the client with a full range of options which include a telephone consultancy service, site surveys and assessments as well as a full range of services for Architects.

For further information on the services offered by PiCAS please visit the Services page or contact PiCAS direct.

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The PiCAS Group will provide advice on the control of any bird species. Advice is most commonly sought for problems relating to the following:

Pigeon or Rock Dove: Pigeons are never more at home than when roosting and breeding on buildings in urban areas and as a result they are the most commonly controlled species of bird on the planet. Conventional pest control options such as lethal control has simply acted to increase pigeon numbers, not reduce them. The PiCAS Group has specialised in pigeon control for decades, researching and designing effective and sustainable pigeon control systems and as a result is now considered to be the foremost authority on the subject worldwide. PiCAS will provide advice on the protection of individual buildings and sites through to the provision of area-wide pigeon control systems for local authorities.

Gulls: Gulls have historically caused problems for property owners in towns and cities close to coastal areas but now many species of gull, including herring gulls, black headed gulls and black backed gulls are becoming common in many inland urban areas. These species are commonly known as roof-nesting gulls. Effective gull management systems are complex and to be effective they must be holistic and deal with the source of the problem as well as the problem itself. PiCAS will advise on all aspects of humane but effective gull control.

Ducks and Geese: Ducks and geese are a growing problem throughout the UK in villages, towns and even city parks with deliberate and persistent feeding of the birds being the root cause of the problem. Duck control and goose control is never straightforward and can be a highly public and emotive issue. PiCAS has extensive experience of providing humane but effective duck and goose management systems for councils, property owners and site managers throughout the UK.

Canada Geese: This species is starting to cause major problems for property owners and site managers throughout the UK. As with most waterfowl controls, Canada goose control systems are complex and must be holistic. PiCAS has extensive experience of controlling Canada goose populations, whether they be static or migratory, and will tailor a Canada goose control programme to the specific needs of the client.

Starlings and Sparrows: Although starlings were a common problem in town and city centres worldwide during the 1960ís and 1970ís, fewer problems are now being reported. However, where starlings do roost in large numbers problems can be extreme and PiCAS will provide any property owner with a tailor-made starling control system.

Sparrow populations are in rapid decline and as a result fewer sparrow-related problems are being reported. Sparrows do sometimes cause problems in food production plants and food preparation facilities however. Sparrow control is rarely simple or straightforward due to the fact that these small birds can easily access roof voids or internal areas due to their size. PiCAS will provide advice on humane but effective sparrow control.

Wood Pigeons and Collared Doves: These species are more complex to control and are more commonly associated with rural areas. Both species are now becoming more common in urban areas where they can cause problems for residential property owners. Control options for these species are limited but PiCAS will offer advice where both wood pigeon control and collared dove control is concerned.

Rook, Magpie, Jackdaw and Hooded Crow (Corvids): These species commonly cause problems in both urban and rural areas and can be complex to control. Rook control and Crow control options are usually limited to rural areas where they are perceived to cause crop damage and predate on livestock in the case of crows, but nuisance is exaggerated. Rooks often breed in rookeries and can cause significant disturbance as a result of noise. Magpie control is more commonly sought in urban areas due to their growing presence in domestic gardens as a result of persecution in rural areas. Jackdaws rarely cause problems other than nesting in chimney pots and therefore jackdaw control is extremely straightforward. All members of the Corvid family can be controlled effectively using non-lethal and holistic controls.

Registered Office: Hercules House, 4 George Street, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 4SY

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