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Pigeon Control Advisory Service
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PiCAS is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 05206567 VAT No: 858 1204 26

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PiCAS Services

Architect Services   Telephone/Web-based Consultancy   Site Survey/Assessment   International Site Surveys   Maintenance Service Agreement   Project Management Services   Mediation Services

The Pigeon Control Advisory Service UK Division (PiCAS) provides a professional consultancy service to its client base throughout the UK and offers a range of services designed to offer the client a sustainable, cost-effective and humane method of controlling all species of birds.

PiCAS will provide completely independent and non-commercially biased advice to each and every client, recommending programmes and strategies that are based on a mix of scientific research and over 30 years of experience within the bird control sector.  Each control system is designed to be user-friendly and, wherever possible, installed and maintained by the client rather than by specialist service providers. Research has proven that control systems which are installed and maintained in-house remain effective far longer than those installed by pest control contractors, and usually cost significantly less to provide.

Where a bird-related problem is entrenched and cannot be dealt with via PiCAS’s unique telephone consultancy service, PiCAS will arrange for a consultant to meet with the client and undertake a thorough survey of the site or building concerned. The consultant will then review past and present controls and will discuss every possible bird control product or complimentary control that could be used to resolve the problem.  Confirmation of findings and recommendations will then be submitted to the client in writing.  Once the client has embarked on the recommended control programme PiCAS will support the client and/or its chosen contractor throughout the process of installation. Thereafter, via PiCAS’s Maintenance Service Agreement, PiCAS will continue to support the client in respect of the maintenance of existing controls and provide advice on the provision of additional controls, should they be required, to ensure that high standards of protection are maintained.

PiCAS is not tied to any product or service provider and does not sell any products or services itself; as a result all advice and recommendations provided are wholly in the best interests of the client. PiCAS’s ability to pick and choose from a huge variety of bird control products available within the pest control marketplace ensures that the client is always provided with the optimum system to suit their needs and budgetary constraints. A vast majority of pest control companies and specialist contractors are tied to specific products or services that optimise profit for the company concerned, but which don’t always equate to the best option for the client.

The PiCAS Group has built its international reputation on high levels of service and results. PiCAS will never recommend lethal methods of control nor will it recommend any product or service which it believes to be either inhumane or ineffective.

Architect Services

PiCAS works in close cooperation with architect’s practices throughout the UK providing technical advice in respect of new-build projects, renovation projects and the renovation of historic/listed buildings and ancient monuments. Please visit the Architect’s page for more detailed information on the range of specialist services provided.

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Telephone/Web-based Consultancy

PiCAS has been offering this ground-breaking service to its client base worldwide for many years.

This unique consultancy service, where PiCAS’s technical experts will advise the client using the telephone, Skype™ and other web-based services, is designed to offer the client a cost-effective means of discussing their specific problem in as much detail as is required and in the comfort of their home or office. Supporting information such as photographs, drawings and plans can be emailed or posted prior to the consultancy session empowering the consultant to offer the most appropriate advice.

The consultant will discuss every aspect of past and present controls provided on the building or site concerned and, with the benefit of supporting information such as photographs and drawings, offer the client a cost-effective and sustainable solution based on the available budget. The consultant will examine the extensive range of bird control products available within the pest control marketplace (including complimentary controls where appropriate) and discuss the pros and cons of each product relative to the client’s specific problem.

Where the problem is deeply entrenched, or where the site or building is technically complex, telephone consultancy may need to be complimented by a site survey.

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Site Survey and Assessments

If a problem cannot be dealt with via PiCAS’s telephone and web-based consultancy service a site survey or site assessment may be required. Most problems can be dealt with remotely but in some cases a close inspection to assess the extent of the problem, and indeed the source of the problem, is essential.

A PiCAS consultant will visit the building or site concerned and conduct a site assessment or a detailed site survey following discussions with the client. A consultancy report will be provided in the case of a Full Site Survey and a letter detailing findings and recommendations will be provided where a Site Assessment is concerned. In both cases the client will be provided with an independent view as to why the problem exists and the various options available in order to deal with the problem effectively, cost-effectively and non-lethally. Product sources will also be provided, if required, so that the products can be sourced direct from the manufacturer in order to reduce cost to the client. Where tailor-made and bespoke controls are required details of these will be discussed with the client and outlined in the report.

Many pest control companies offer what is described as a ‘free survey’ to potential clients carried out by a ‘bird control expert’. In reality this is not a survey at all – it is a quotation service. The representative carrying out the ‘survey’ will not be a ‘bird control expert’, simply an estimator that is unlikely to have anything other than a basic knowledge of bird control products and how they are installed. Pest control contractors do not employ bird control experts. Quotations will be based on maximising profit for the contractor rather than providing a high level of service to the client. The ‘survey report’ provided by a pest control contractor will simply be a quotation for installing products. Bird control products are extremely expensive and in most cases the wrong product is recommended to deal with the problem being experienced and installation is often of a poor standard resulting in significant replacement costs for the client.

All advice provided by PiCAS will not only be provided by an acknowledged bird control expert but will also be completely free from commercial bias based on PiCAS’s independent status. A PiCAS survey will identify the source of the problem and deal with the problem itself, basing all advice on over 30 years experience in the bird control sector. This is essentially where PiCAS differs from the pest control industry.

Surveys will include the following:

• Discussions with the client in respect of past and present controls provided on the
   building or site concerned.
• An assessment of the client’s goal and the budgets available to deal with the
   problems being experienced.
• A survey of the site or building concerned, normally undertaken with the client, to
   inspect all areas where problems are currently being experienced.
• A detailed assessment of the type of problem being experienced (daytime
   perching/overnight roosting and breeding).
• A thorough inspection of all areas on the building or site where birds may relocate
   to once excluded from areas currently being occupied.
• An assessment of the source of the problem, should the source of the problem be
   available food or deliberate feeding on-site.
• A de-brief with the client following the survey to discuss any issues or points
   raised during the survey.
• A brief survey of the area around the building or site concerned to assess bird
   numbers and the potential for the client to experience further problems. This
   element of the survey will also identify the level of protection required, if any,
   based on bird occupancy levels in the area and bird-related problems being
   experienced on neighbouring properties.
• The off-site survey will also identify, where possible, the source of the problem
   assuming that the problem is daytime perching where birds are using the site
   or building concerned as a vantage point to exploit an off-site food source.
• Photographs will be taken throughout the survey and stored in PiCAS's library
   for future reference should technical support be required subsequent to the

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Maintenance Service Agreements

PiCAS offers its client base a Maintenance Service Agreement package on a 3, 6 or 12-month contract. This service, normally provided following consultation, offers the client telephone and web-based support for any PiCAS-approved control system for a fixed period. The client has full access to PiCAS’s independent team of technical experts to discuss any issue relating to a control system provided on their building or site.

PiCAS’s technical experts will guide the client and the client’s on-site maintenance team (or the client’s chosen contractor) to maintain and renew, where necessary, all bird control devices and complimentary controls provided.

• The choice of products and product sources (in the case of replacement)
• Maintenance of complimentary controls
• The installation and maintenance of products
• Any issue relating to the behaviour (and the non-lethal removal) of birds resident

The service aims to offer the client complete peace of mind following the installation of a bird control system and will cover virtually every problem that can arise. Unlike the pest control industry, PiCAS’s consultants are acknowledged experts in the bird control sector and as with all aspects of the service that PiCAS provides, all advice is free from commercial bias in respect of both products and services.

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Project Management Services

PiCAS recognises that many bird control operations are extremely complex, particularly when dealing with entrenched problems. Pest control companies and specialist contractors rarely handle bird exclusion or bird control operations in an appropriate or sympathetic manner, or with the desired standard of workmanship necessary to ensure that the operation is humane, effective and sustainable. The net result is bad press for the property owner concerned and, in many cases, another large bill to have poorly installed products removed and replaced.

It is also the case that in some circumstances products recommended to the client by pest control companies are not always in the best interest of the client. A good example of miss-sold services would be lethal controls such as shooting, cage-trapping and killing operations or flying a bird of prey. Expensive and poorly performing products such as nylon bird netting or post and wire systems are good examples of products that are commonly sold to clients when cheaper and more effective alternatives exist.

PiCAS will provide an experienced Project Manager to oversee the whole operation on behalf of the client including the choice and supervision of the contractor and the detailing of products and product sources. A PiCAS Project Manager will provide a sustainable, cost-effective and humane control system tailored to the available budget and delivered on time. When PiCAS’s Project Management Services are combined with PiCAS’s Consultancy Services and Maintenance Service Agreement the client is provided with the most comprehensive package available within the industry today.

For a quotation for Consultancy Services, Project Management Services or for a Maintenance Service Agreement quote please contact PiCAS on 0844 736 6272 or email: enquiries@picasuk.com.

Examples of measures and services which may be recommended or provided include:

• Advice on the provision and installation of Deterrents and Anti-Roosting Devices
• Advice on complimentary controls such as Artificial Breeding Facilities (pigeon
• Egg-oiling
• Habitat Modification including waterfowl control and gull control
• Public Information and Awareness Campaigns
• Mediation service for clients where deliberate and persistent bird feeders
   are concerned
• Working with architects and developers to design-out bird occupancy on new-build
The Protection of Historic Buildings (Grade Listed) or Ancient Monuments
• Project manage the implementation of any pigeon control system, including the
   installation of bird control products, ranging from an individual building through to
   a town or city-wide control system.

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Mediation Services

PiCAS offers a professional mediation service to both local authorities and the general public where entrenched problems occur as a result of deliberate and persistent feeding of wild birds.

PiCAS will mediate between a local authority and a persistent bird feeder that is causing problems for neighbours and/or for commercial property owners in the area. PiCAS also offers this service to any property owner that is experiencing entrenched problems with a person that is deliberately feeding wild birds on or around their property and attracting large numbers of birds as a result. This is a growing problem in the UK with some persistent feeders offering huge quantities of food to wild birds (normally pigeons) every day. The resultant problems for neighbours and the local authority concerned can be considerable.

PiCAS’s mediation service is the only service of its type available in the UK today and is built on over 30 years of experience in the bird control sector dealing with the source of the problem rather than the problem itself. In urban areas it is the extent of available food that is the source of the problem, not the bird that is exploiting it. If the source of the problem is not dealt with the problem itself will never be resolved.

For further information on this service please contact PiCAS.

PiCAS’s current list of clients includes:

Architects, Airports, Aviation Industry, Building Contractors, Developers, Demolition Contractors, Town and City Councils, Housing Associations, Hospitals, Property Management Companies, Port Authorities, Town and City Centre Management Agencies, Train Operators, The Police Force, The Fire Service, Water Authorities.

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Architect Services   Telephone/Web-based Consultancy   Site Survey/Assessment   International Site Surveys   Maintenance Service Agreement   Project Management Services   Mediation Services
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The PiCAS Group will provide advice on the control of any bird species. Advice is most commonly sought for problems relating to the following:

Pigeon or Rock Dove: Pigeons are never more at home than when roosting and breeding on buildings in urban areas and as a result they are the most commonly controlled species of bird on the planet. Conventional pest control options such as lethal control has simply acted to increase pigeon numbers, not reduce them. The PiCAS Group has specialised in pigeon control for decades, researching and designing effective and sustainable pigeon control systems and as a result is now considered to be the foremost authority on the subject worldwide. PiCAS will provide advice on the protection of individual buildings and sites through to the provision of area-wide pigeon control systems for local authorities.

Gulls: Gulls have historically caused problems for property owners in towns and cities close to coastal areas but now many species of gull, including herring gulls, black headed gulls and black backed gulls are becoming common in many inland urban areas. These species are commonly known as roof-nesting gulls. Effective gull management systems are complex and to be effective they must be holistic and deal with the source of the problem as well as the problem itself. PiCAS will advise on all aspects of humane but effective gull control.

Ducks and Geese: Ducks and geese are a growing problem throughout the UK in villages, towns and even city parks with deliberate and persistent feeding of the birds being the root cause of the problem. Duck control and goose control is never straightforward and can be a highly public and emotive issue. PiCAS has extensive experience of providing humane but effective duck and goose management systems for councils, property owners and site managers throughout the UK.

Canada Geese: This species is starting to cause major problems for property owners and site managers throughout the UK. As with most waterfowl controls, Canada goose control systems are complex and must be holistic. PiCAS has extensive experience of controlling Canada goose populations, whether they be static or migratory, and will tailor a Canada goose control programme to the specific needs of the client.

Starlings and Sparrows: Although starlings were a common problem in town and city centres worldwide during the 1960’s and 1970’s, fewer problems are now being reported. However, where starlings do roost in large numbers problems can be extreme and PiCAS will provide any property owner with a tailor-made starling control system.

Sparrow populations are in rapid decline and as a result fewer sparrow-related problems are being reported. Sparrows do sometimes cause problems in food production plants and food preparation facilities however. Sparrow control is rarely simple or straightforward due to the fact that these small birds can easily access roof voids or internal areas due to their size. PiCAS will provide advice on humane but effective sparrow control.

Wood Pigeons and Collared Doves: These species are more complex to control and are more commonly associated with rural areas. Both species are now becoming more common in urban areas where they can cause problems for residential property owners. Control options for these species are limited but PiCAS will offer advice where both wood pigeon control and collared dove control is concerned.

Rook, Magpie, Jackdaw and Hooded Crow (Corvids): These species commonly cause problems in both urban and rural areas and can be complex to control. Rook control and Crow control options are usually limited to rural areas where they are perceived to cause crop damage and predate on livestock in the case of crows, but nuisance is exaggerated. Rooks often breed in rookeries and can cause significant disturbance as a result of noise. Magpie control is more commonly sought in urban areas due to their growing presence in domestic gardens as a result of persecution in rural areas. Jackdaws rarely cause problems other than nesting in chimney pots and therefore jackdaw control is extremely straightforward. All members of the Corvid family can be controlled effectively using non-lethal and holistic controls.

Registered Office: Hercules House, 4 George Street, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 4SY

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